Privacy Policy

Privacy policy contains an explanation of how the information you provide me is used and how to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

  1. What information do I need?

If you decide to subscribe to an information product posted on my website, I will ask you for information such as name and email address.

This is due to the following considerations. My colleagues and I regularly prepare current information products (usually free) on the topic of trading in the foreign exchange market. Your interest in a particular information product suggests that other products of the subject of trading on the Internet and other topics may be interesting and useful to you. In order to inform you about these products, as well as to provide access to them, I need to send you an information letter. In addition, I can conduct a survey to find out your opinion about my products, as well as your wishes. Before you give me other person’s personal data, you must get permission from that person. Make sure that you provide the correct and accurate information.

  1. What do I do with your personal information?

Your e-mail address and your name I use for the following purposes:

- to provide you with information products and services, as well as polls to determine the information that you need;

- for processing Your requests by the support service

- for sending news and promotional information about products, services, special offers, products and services of selected partners within the limits permitted by applicable law, or in accordance with your wishes (see below "Subscription" section);

- for distribution messages (for example, if you forgot your password – applicable to products containing a password);

- to prevent and detect fraud and the illegal use of my products or services.

  1. Who else gets access to personal information?

For the distribution, I use the SendinBlue mailing list service ( This service processes your personal information (ie. e-mail and your  name), so that I can send you an email with access to the product you have chosen or to inform you about new and up-to-date products on the topic of trading on the Internet, or conduct a survey to identify information that you need. In exceptional circumstances, I can disclose your personal information if required by law or in order to protect you and others from illegal actions or other dangers.

  1. Identification files (cookies)

My site contains identification files, so-called, cookies. Cookies are small text files sent to the site visitor’s computer to log his actions. Cookies are used on my site to personalize the registration of visits, to study the behavior of visitors on the site and recording their actions. You can disable the use of cookies in the browser settings. It should be borne in mind, however, that in this case some functions will be unavailable or may not work correctly.

  1. Security

I take reasonable steps to minimize the possibility of loss, theft, unfair use, unauthorized access to your personal information, destruction, modification or disclosure. At the same time, I cannot ensure absolute elimination of the risk of unauthorized abuse of personal information. I earnestly request you in the most careful manner approach to storing passwords to accounts and not telling them to anyone else (in the case of products that contain access passwords). Immediately contact me if you become aware of any information security breach (for example, unauthorized use of your password).

  1. Children

I fully share my parents' concern about the use of personal information about their children. I urge all visitors under the age of 18, receive permission from the parents or guardians before providing any
personal information. I do not collect information about children intentionally. If I find out that I received personal information about the child below the age of 14, I will delete such information in the shortest time possible.

  1. Unsubscribing

If you no longer want to receive messages from me, follow the link, indicated at the bottom of any of my letters.

  1. Contacts

If you have any questions and/or problems related to the privacy policy and the safety of your personal data, please, send a message to:

Yours faithfully,

Michael Pivonka