How Not To Become a Dull Trader Loser?

How Not to Become a Dull Trader Loser

Hello friends, Forex traders! According to statistics, on average, 95% of people are “sad trash”. Fortunately you have the choice to be like most people or not to be. You are not born happy, you become happy. Traders often suffer bad habits, which seriously compromise their welfare and deplete their energy. If you develop any of the following habits, your prospect will be disastrous.


1) Stop complaining

Indian workers locally known as "Dhobiwallahs" wash clothes at Dhobhi Ghat in Hyderabad on March 26, 2010.  Dhobiwallahs are the human 'washing machines' of India, however the traditional community of workers washing clothes by hand is slowly disappearing with a combination of middle class families purchasing washing machines to use in their homes and a reluctance of the current descendants of dhobiwallahs to enter the procession.   TOPSHOTS   AFP PHOTO/ Noah SEELAM (Photo credit should read NOAH SEELAM/ AFP/ Getty Images)

Successful people never whine. Yes, they always feel the pressure, however, if you always feel a sort of Hyper-dramatized condition, or anything else that makes you unhappy, you begin to drift from people around you. In addition, you will create a vicious circle, which is an obstacle to the achievement of happiness in the future. If you have problems with  trading that cause you negative emotions, take action. Find  a mentor who will help to resolve your problems! Maybe, he will be virtual (our site can help you with it). If you constantly complain, your friends will turn away from you and you will remain in the shadows of failures.


2)    Do not spend your trading money on unnecessary things

Do not spend your trading money on unnecessary things

Maybe, you want to buy the latest gadget. The feeling of shopping will certainly facilitate your desire for a while, but in the end, you will become the usual invisible man, who just has a new gadget. This sense of satisfaction is temporary. Plus you have spent your trading capital on things that actually have no meaning. You really need much fewer things than you think. Be proud of your modesty.

“Sometimes we get not what we expected”.

3) Keep track of your shortcomings

Keep track of your shortcomings

Sleep, sex, drugs, alcohol… In our mind we’re trying to calm a frantic voice, when we use illicit substances. Then we crave it more to get the same buzz.

Sometimes, having a big loss in the market, traders get drunk before losing self-control. Alcohol has a calming effect. Consuming an excessive amount of it, you will lose your productivity and will stay in a terrible state.

Do you feel the temptation to overeat Big Macs with a large number of Coca-Cola and fried chicken? If your answer is affirmative, then food is your vice. Unfortunately, overeating is a vicious cycle and one of the types of self-treatment also. Guilt and lack of energy that you feel after sweet food, rich in carbohydrates, will oppress you.

Contrary to many fitness magazines that try to show you the right way, you can’t get rid of a bad diet. How you look, depends on how much and what food you eat.

How do you relax? If you do it with the help of exercise, discussing your problems with a trusted friend, indulging in hobbies or tightly hugging you are on the right track. If your favorite habits are not so healthy, the recovery from a temporary pressure in your mind can become an addiction, that will be difficult to get rid of.

4) Do not give in to anxiety about your future

Do not give in to anxiety about your future

Fear is anxiety about the future. Anxiety about what will happen with your career, how you will explain to your spouse the loss of money, or fear of getting sick with an incurable disease. Focus on what you do now; it will give you a sense of tranquility, safety and satisfaction.

5) Watch what you think about the other people


Unhappy people gossip about others and hold grudges. If you always say, “Look at that idiot” or “I can’t believe what she said about that” or “How dare they behave like that towards me”, it means that you will have trouble finding happiness. Positive psychological manner, which covered all fields of activity is focused on the study of emotionally healthy people and improving of their level of well-being. I know it sounds strange, but if you will thank people, to do charity and to tell people compliments, your own happiness will be a little bit more. This is something you can do, starting today.

6) Never stop studying

Never stop studyingg

Many people complain that they are bored to death. Oh, I wish I had your problems! For the first time in history, huge numbers of people have such a good income and extra time and they complain of boredom! Your ancestors, who endured terrible ordeals, would be ashamed of you.

Sometimes, when we reach the top of the tree, the panorama that we see is not at all what we expected to see. We are not able to set a new goal and do not lend themselves for quite a long period of time in the future. This can occur suddenly, even after a big win in the markets.

Go and acquire new skills or continue to perform those skills that you have begun to learn, but given up half way. Want to learn about Forex? Then what’s stopping you? Our Forex portal is at your disposal 😉


7) Stop hating your job


According to evaluations carried out in different periods of time, 70 percent of the working class hates their job.

Now let’s pass a quick test for insanity. Assume that most people work 40 hours a week and have a rest for 6 weeks a year (including weekends and vacations). This means that they are unhappy within 1 840 hours per a year, accounting for about 21 percent of their time throughout a year (including while you sleep).

If you start to complain about your role, look at the people near you. Do they complain about their life like you do? If you did everything possible to change your attitude to your role, or the role itself to be free? Can you find at least one thing about your job that you like, and focus on her? Or, if the injury is so serious, are you ready to change jobs?

If you are not ready then you mean that you are one of those people who spend 21 percent of their time each year in suffering. Shame on you!

8) Pay attention to people around you


We live in a virtual world and can’t abandon technology. This means that we have no time to hide from everyone and relax.

Communication through the Internet has led to the fact that many people believe that it is not necessary to communicate through personal contact. Reducing of live communication time, especially if you are a forex trader who trades full time, can cause you to withdraw into yourself and you will feel very lonely. Yes, even introverts periodically need live communication in the company of other people.

Come out of your place and get to know the people, and thus you will save yourself from this creeping social isolation, which takes away your energy, doesn’t support you and makes you miserable.

9) Be yourself


We are pack animals. We spend a lot of time trying to fit in with the herd, not to be subjected to persecution and rejection. In caveman times this would mean certain death. No wonder we are so worried about what others think about us. We allow outsiders to influence our mood. On a signal of raised eyebrows we understand that we have the right to speak.

If you can’t be yourself with people who usually surround you, find a new environment.

10) You should know the value of money


The way you talk to yourself about money can affect your well-being. If you always do not have enough money, or if you think you will be happy when you reach a certain level of income, then you set yourself up for disappointment.

The research results show that the emotional well-being affects your happiness only up to a certain point. However, if your income is more than $40.000-$50.000 a year, and you continue to state that the cause of your unhappiness is the lack of money, then it is high time for reassessment. In this situation, more money will not make you much happier.

That’s why I think that the search for personal meaning much more impacts on my level of happiness than earning of money. Whenever my only goal is money, I understand that I have a problem that I don’t have enough strength to cope. I should have other goals in addition to this one.


 “If you are exhausted to the limit, admit it and give up. In this case you will not only live another day for trading, you will get more pleasure from this day”.

Intraday traders sometimes feel the same way, because everything happens within compressed timeframes. It can drive you crazy. That’s why you are get tired so fast.

Most people today have two speeds – “damn fast” and “destructive”. If you have only these two speeds, then your activity is not productive, and you won’t achieve well-being. If you are exhausted to the limit, admit it and give up. In this case you will not only live another day for trading, you will get more pleasure from this day.

You have the right to be happy. It’s okay to feel joy in your life. If you feel you don’t deserve happiness, or you see that your thoughts are filled with fear, admit it.

Fear is not going to leave you, but the way you deal with your fear, can be changed eventually. If you don’t feel fear, you don’t progress probably. Do not think that the great explorers of the world did not feel fear.

Great leaders, great traders and world reformers realized that there was fear somewhere deep in them, but they kept moving forward anyway. They stood firm on their feet and said, “It’s very important for me to achieve this! And whatever happens, I’m going to do it!”

Take care,