Lesson 1 – Believe in Yourself and Change Your Life!

believe in yourself and change your life

How much money do you need in order to be happy? It is difficult to answer this question, and it is even harder to find out where to get this money from. Why is this so difficult to achieve?

At its core, you can find all the answers in psychology. Each of us possesses something called an “internal brake” that begins working when we find ourselves in an unusual or uncomfortable situation. Our instinct for self-preservation drives us to avoid stress and risks.

However, the brake does not always work to our benefit, especially when we have the opportunity to take a big, life-changing step; we often just end up waiting for something to happen and doing nothing ourselves. At that moment, we must turn off the internal brake to allow changes to happen. It will let us understand how much money we need to live a happy life so that we can begin working towards that goal!

Below are the critical factors that you need to consider to become successful:

believe in yourself

1. You must believe in yourself and in your goal. People who have achieved huge success in sports, science, business, politics, and so on were at some point, ordinary people. If you doubt yourself from the very beginning, if you doubt your skills, and if you do not evaluate yourself, you are unlikely to become successful. If you decide to try your luck in Forex trading and think, “Well, I don’t know if I’m going to be successful or not, we’ll see . . . ,” you are doubting yourself, and you might as well not even try.

find job you like

2. Find a job that “carries” you, where you will feel secure while being challenged and having opportunities for promotion—for becoming successful. It is also important that you enjoy your job. A lot of people do not like their jobs and are only working there because they need the money. They will not reach anything more meaningful in life—how can you achieve something if you are already waiting for Friday evening when you come to work Monday morning? It is impossible to become successful with such an attitude. You must look for a job that you enjoy.


3. You should not be afraid of risks. A lot of talented, reasonable people like working but could reach much more in their lives if they were not afraid to take risks, to take that big step in life that could change their career. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake—it is normal. The only way to avoid mistakes is to not take any risks. Each misfortune must be considered a learning experience instead of failure.

dont be lazzy you must begin working

4. You must begin working. There are a lot of bright people with a lot of good ideas who are lazy. You need to understand that if you want to achieve your goal, you have to start working towards it. A lot of people think that rich people were blessed in life. Absolutely not. Most of the time, success is achieved through hard work.

determination in forex

5. You need to be determined. Don’t expect fast results. Only very talented—or lucky—people achieve fast results. Most people accomplish their goals through determination and the ability to stay dedicated for a long time. If you decide to begin trading in Forex, do not expect that you start earning money in two weeks. You must expect only two things: that you will work hard and, of course, learn.

If you agree with these statements, let’s plunge into the world of Forex trading—one of the most profitable businesses in the world, which can help you become wealthy. Of all trading activities, trading on the financial market can satisfy even the most ambitious person.

A lot of myths have been the financial world for a very long time. Only here can the simplest trader earn huge profits while big investment funds can lose billions of dollars. However, it is important to clearly understand and analyze everything and to not hurry so that you can avoid huge losses at the very beginning.

Welcome to the foreign exchange market, commonly known as Forex. It is the biggest market in the world—its daily turnover reaches a trillion dollars.

Let’s get acquainted with the “trader” profession. As a trader, your nationality, social status, or previous career history has no meaning. It is not important which language you speak, or how you look. There are no bosses, directors, competitors, partners, negotiations, rumors, customers, bureaucracy, or waking up early in the morning to work.

The most charming thing about this profession is the question of workplace and work hours. You decide how much time you are going to work by choose a trading strategy in accordance with your lifestyle. And it does not matter where your workplace is going to be—it can be your home, a friend’s flat in Belgium, or a hotel in Hawaii.

forex trading work whevere you want

The only requirement is Internet access.

The mission of the Forex Trader Portal is to educate and help people who decide to become Forex traders. We help you deal with the challenges of becoming a Forex trader: First, we want to prove to you that everyone who wants to—and who is patient—can successfully trade in on the Forex market. Second, we want to provide a trader with the best instruments, measures, lessons, and advice necessary for successful trading. And thirdly, we want to give you that fantastic feeling of reaching your goal.


your homework forex

Let’s say you are an employee, and you receive a fixed salary of $2.400 each month. Let’s think that today you have saved $14.000. Let’s say that you spend $1.200 on living expenses each month. What will your living expenses be in a year or two? How big will your savings be in a year or two, including the savings that you have today?

Let’s take a look: your living expenses are $14.400 a year, and your savings create $28.400. That’s $28.800 in expenses and $42.800 in savings for two years.

Let’s imagine that you have decided to begin a business with the $14.000 in savings, and let’s say this business brings 20% in profits each month (before deductions of the costs incurred). Additional expenses, as for any traditional business, include financial costs, salaries, and advertisements. Let’s say you are going to save 50% of your turnover for that each month. Your net profit will be $1.400. What will your salary be in a year? And in two years? In our example, it comes to $16.800 and $33.600, respectively.

Now, let’s imagine a different situation. You set aside $14.000 for this and begin your own business (by the way, not necessarily in Forex trading). Each month brings you approximately 20% profit, which is immediately reinvested to next month’s budget. Also, let’s say that we don’t experience any additional expenses, with the exception of a salary to cover living expenses— $1.200—which we are going to take out of the turnover each month. What will your savings will be in a year or two? In our example, that will be $77.328 and $641.974.

Why are the amounts so different in the two examples? In the second example, money was not taken out of a turnover but stayed within the business and was immediately reinvested, contributing to the profit again and again.

Trading in Forex provides the opportunity to effectively reinvest the capital, increasing profits again and again. Furthermore, there are no additional expenses compared to a traditional business that eats up half the profits, like in the first example.

However, when trading in Forex you must understand and remember two important things: First, nobody in this business can be guaranteed a 20% monthly profit (the same goes for any business)—in fact, nobody is going to pay you a salary. Second, depending on your trading strategy and the market situation, losses are possible, which may make you want to quit. In fact, statistically, 95% of people give up on Forex.

The way to success on Forex is long, boring, and complex—there is no sure recipe for success. The only requirement is to desire to become a trader. Everything else you will learn and discover over time.

I wish you success!

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