Trading Against The Trend

trading against the trend

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. All we know the saying: “Trend – is your friend.” But sometimes so eager to enter against the movement … The price rollbacks very often and seems easy to get profit. So can we trade against the trend? And if we can, how should we do it right? Today we will talk about trading … [Read more…]

Where To Invest Money in November?

where to invest your money in november

Good morning, dear traders! Here is another edition of the monthly report on developments in the world of investing and PAMM management. Last month was full of significant events, which instilled uncertainty in the ranks of traders, which leads to uncertainty in trade, which certainly leads to loss. On the other hand, some managers of … [Read more…]

How to Maintain The Trader’s Health?

How to Maintain The Trader’s Health

Long sitting at the computer, constant stress, a poor environment in the cities, unbalanced diet – all it harms the health of Forex traders, as well as any knowledge workers. Today is not an ordinary post. We will talk about NZT pills bio supplements that help to improve the mental and physical ability to live under … [Read more…]

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