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If we look in a wallet of any person, we can easily find not only some cash or credit cards, but also a couple of bonus or discount cards. Various awards, bonus points, accumulation or fixed discounts, loyalty cards etc. are given these days by almost any venue: from grocery stores to gas stations, cinemas, pizzerias and even well-known banks. Of course, you can’t get rich from such discounts, but sometimes it’s something that we really need – to pay less and get more.

Thus, you may have a question right now, “Knowing that even some banks are giving bonuses, why when I’m working as a trader in Forex I don’t get any benefits? I’m a client and my broker takes a fee from me and even a spread/commission during an opening of a trade. So, do I have a right to get privileges or not?!”

You certainly do. You deserve getting various discounts and bonuses, because you have the right to get it and it’s not a sin to use it. Further on this page I’m going to tell you about bonuses from one of the best Forex brokers – RoboForex. At the bottom of this page you will also find a nice surprise – special offer for readers of our website.

30 USD Welcome Bonus


30 USD Welcome Bonus – is a special welcome bonus for RoboForex clients, which have already passed personal data verification (check). In fact, verification process is incredibly easy, you just have to verify your phone number and some personal information.

Such bonus can become a good start for a beginner, which doesn’t have huge initial budget. In order to get this bonus, you just need to add 10$ to your account and you will have 40$ in total.

Warning! This bonus is valid only before November 1st, 2015.

1:700, 1:888 or 1:1000 leverage

leverage in forex

In other words, the bigger is the leverage, the smaller is the amount of security deposit for the broker. Thus, the lower is the security deposit, the more money you will have for trading. Furthermore, the more money a trader has for trading, the more possibilities he or she has.

Unfortunately, these days some traders still don’t understand the idea of leverage, thus some of them can tell you something like that: “But high leverage causes high risk…” That’s not true, but more something like a widespread myth. Risks are increasing not because of the leverage amount, but due to non-compliance with rules of money management. If you want to know more about the leverage, please read an article about it.

Who can benefit from this bonus? In fact, this bonus can be interesting for those, who trade in Forex market using robots (EA), especially those, which are using the Martingale principle or order grid averaging, where traders usually need high margin, which can be obtained only with the high leverage.

How to get this bonus? RoboForex customers can simply change the size of the leverage in their trader’s room (even during trading). The size of the leverage can also be chosen during a new account opening.

“10%, 15% or 20% tradable bonus”

tradable bonus

“RoboForex tradable bonus» – is a bonus, which is not “burning” when trader’s account level goes beyond the level of bonus (in cases when bonus money is used  at the moment of drawdown), which allows the trader to have more trading options during unforeseen market movements.

This is the best part of this bonus, which makes it so valuable, especially in comparison with other types of bonuses, which are burnt (deducted from your account) immediately in case if your trading goes not according to your scenario, when your deposit may be affected by unexpected drawdown of the market. This bonus allows the trader to work patiently and without fear, because it will not be deducted from the account, even if trading is performed at the moment of drawdown.

The bonus program is working on the permanent basis and available to all RoboForex clients. The bonus can be received when you deposit the account via any payments system, and the number of deposits that can receive the bonus is not limited.

Who can benefit from this bonus? In fact it’s actual for everybody, including those who plan to trade manually and those who are using Forex robots. Such increased deposit is always useful, especially in cases of some unforeseen events on the market, thus it’s always a good idea to have an increased amount of financial savings.

Can I withdraw profit after trading with this bonus? Yes, you can withdraw all the profit from your account, which were received during trading with your own funds.

Can I withdraw my bonus and profits obtained from it? You can withdraw your bonus and all the profits obtained from it, but first you need to fulfill several conditions of its withdrawal.


For readers only

only for forextraderportal com readers

Good news! Recently, I had talks with RoboForex and managed to get an additional discount for “Tradable bonus”, which is only available for readers of our !

Thus, everybody who opens a new account in RoboForex through this website, or any reader who already has an account if RoboForex, which was open through our website, can get even 30% bonus to the amount of deposit (maximum you can get 20% by default). Furthermore, the minimum amount of deposit to get this bonus also specially decreased, now it’s only $50 (by default the minimum amount of deposit is 100$).

This bonus is available for all accounts except ECN and CopyFX.

How to get this bonus?

Open an account in Roboforex, or in case if you already have an account, you just need to deposit it by using any desired way at least $50 and selecting this bonus, thus you will immediately get 30% bonus from the amount of your deposit, which is not going to “burn” in future.

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