How to set up the GMT offset correctly

how to set up gmtoffset correctly

Hello, dear reader. Many Forex robots have the parameter GMT offset or in other words: Time zone offset from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). This parameter is needed to allow the robot know how much time in the terminal is different from the GMT. Many assume wrongly that  this parameter depends on where they live. That’s not true: GMT … [Read more…]

Lesson 9 – Trading Psychology

trading psychology

Trading psychology is one of the most important topics in Forex trading. Traders using demo accounts, i.e. trading with virtual money, show good results. However, when switching to real money their results worsen significantly. The trader, the currency pairs, and the trading system are all the same, but the result is different. Why is that? … [Read more…]

Lesson 7 – The Indicators

indicators in forex trading

Indicators are the instruments of technical analysis that calculate price movements and give a trader the opportunity to make the right decision about entering or leaving the market. It is important to mention that there are no “miraculous” indicators that can predict the price. All indicators are based on the historical development of prices. Therefore, … [Read more…]

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