How to set up the GMT offset correctly

how to set up gmtoffset correctly

Hello, dear reader. Many Forex robots have the parameter GMT offset or in other words: Time zone offset from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). This parameter is needed to allow the robot know how much time in the terminal is different from the GMT. Many assume wrongly that  this parameter depends on where they live. That’s not true:

GMT Offset does not depend on where you live: in London, Miami Florida or Karachi. We are interested only in the time Metatrader 4 terminal displays and GMT.

How to set up the GMT offset correctly?

1. First of all, we are looking for the Metatrader 4 market watch (on the top left side)

market watch

2. Then, visit this website:

Find the yellow GMT box and click the button „Switch to 24 hour display.“

gmt box

4. Compare the GMT time with your terminal time.

How many hours in the terminal will be more than the time in Greenwich, and so will our searchable parameter.

For example:
Your Metatrader 4 terminal shows 13:00 and GMT time is 11:00
It means (13-11=2) GMT offset (shift) will be = 2

That’s it. As you can see, the setup of GMT offset is very easy.