• EA has been updated to version 3.1

    • Oliver De Guzman

      Hi @Michael!

      I downloaded the EA but didn’t see any preset after the download.

      • Oliver, there is no sets for this EA. All settings is by default.

        • Oliver De Guzman

          Hi Michael! For cents account with minimum deposit of $100 (10,000 cents), do you also trade it at 0.01 lots? I noticed that the Pro-Cents starts at 0.10.

          • Yes, Pro-Cent starts at 0.10, so for $100, you should use Fix-Cent account.

  • No New

    Perhaps you have MQ4 this ea?

  • Reza Rahman

    The EA Expired.Pls share update virsion

  • Reza Rahman

    Here Attach Benefit v_3.1 has expired.Not work.if possible pls share mql file

  • EA is updated for the current Mt4 builds.