Forex for Beginners course

Congratulations on becoming Forex trader! Your 10 basic lessons about Forex begin here.


The lessons are explained in an easy to understand way. You will be taken, step by step, deeper into the topic and will be provided with the knowledge you need to become an advanced trader.


Lesson 1 – Believe in Yourself and Change Your Life!

Lesson 2 – Forex – What Is it?

Lesson 3 – How Can One Earn in Forex?

Lesson 4 – How to Make a Trade?

Lesson 5 – Types of Trading Orders

Lesson 6 – Basics of Technical Analysis

Lesson 7 – The Indicators

Lesson 8 – Money Management (MM)

Lesson 9 – Trading Psychology

Lesson 10 – What Is a Trading System?



Your learning quality will depend on your efforts, so do not rush. Do read the material thoroughly. After each lesson, you will be given a self-assessment test to complete. Do not start the next lesson until you have mastered the material in the previous lesson.


If you have any questions or get stuck with exercises? Please send us your questions and comments. We will try to solve them together!


You will learn the basic trading theory to enable you to begin earning your first money.



Best regards, Michael