• Владислав

    Thank you for information about it!

  • horwortt

    I new player at Forex and want say you thank you for this article. Now i can work at Forex more successful

  • Георгий

    Thank you for information about it!

  • Oliver De Guzman


    Do you use the close Friday feature with EURUSD from this account http://www.myfxbook.com/members/Mykolas/trys-ampscaronok%C4%97jai-spekuliantascom/1576418 ?

    • Yes, I do. Close Friday – True, Close Hour – 17.

      • Oliver De Guzman

        Hi @ForexTraderPortal:disqus ! Thanks for the reply. Currently running it on a demo account and studying the results.

        Can I just ask what’s the difference with the Cent and Cent-NDD?

        Say I have a Roboforex Fix-Cent account, how much lot size do i trade with the bot? 0.01 or 0.10?

        Thanks again for helping us out!

        • Hi, both of them are identical, except the spread and lot. So, it’s depends how much money you want to invest. With Fix-Cent account, If your capital $1000 (100.000 cents), you can start with 0.5 lot. In such case, it’s better to choose Pro-Cent account, you can save on spread.

          • Oliver De Guzman

            So can we say that in Roboforex, Cent is Fix-Cent account and Cent-NDD is Pro-Cent account?

            Say if I want to start off with $300 which account type would be more suitable?

            Sorry just want to learn the proper setup before jumping into this bot.

          • For $300 deposit choose Pro-Cent, then you can start with 0,1 lot.

          • Oliver De Guzman

            Appreciate all the help!

            Bless you and your endeavors!

          • My pleasure, Oliver!

          • Oliver De Guzman

            Hi @Michael! Sorry to ask again but do we need to adjust any time settings for DST? Thanks!

          • Hi, there is no DST settings in this EA.

  • omid

    hi i am wondering.. which one is safe and good profit in cent or standard for i will deposit $4000usd can i use size lot 0.4 or 1.0? what is your opionion pls let me know pls email me airloo74@gmail.com

  • Tarek

    i am testing the EA but i have never pass the 2014 back test !
    my setting is the standard setting as i attached you can see,

    although my balance is $500 and the lot size is 0.1 but i did not survive “it is a cent account”
    i lost my balance on 20 JUL

    i back tested 2015 but i all the $500 too on 16 JAN .. after only 16 day

    i found this EA very very risky
    i wonder how the $300 on Pro-Cent, 0,1 lot pass the back test
    except i have some thing wrong on my setting .. plz take a look on my screenshot

  • Tarek
  • Roman

    There is Sl option and that make the EA less risky problem is there is no description what all the settings mean. Do have somebody it ? I mean more than what is posted on this site ?