• Lina Molinari

    Hello there. Thanks for this portal and useful stuff.

  • Евгений

    Hello Michael! thank you for this post! I like this strategy. It’s easy and it gave me many profit

  • Endroy74

    Strategy is really simple and it doesn’t make you spend a lot of time to analyse your upcoming strategies of investments. When red indicator appears – you sell your bonds, when blue light appears – you buy, simply like for child. The main disadvantage of such strategy is that you won’t get bigger profits than another traders because this strategy is very predictable and many traders use it, they sell assets in the same time as you and it affects market very much. But for the begineer who wants to have guaranteed profit maybe it is cool idea though it is not so profitable but risks are evaluated. Experienced trader watches deeper.

  • raymovent

    This approach to the Market is very interesting for me. I hope it help me get more money in the Forex