Payoneer Debit Card – Easy Way To Your Money

payoneer debit card easy way to money

Hello, friends! Today we are going to discuss options for accessing your money earned through Forex.  This innovative and convenient solution is through the Payoneer system.

While not all of them, more and more brokers such as Roboforex, Forex4You, Hotforex suggest ordering a debit Mastercard to make withdrawals. This option is feasible as you can use the card as any other debit or credit cards to pay for good and services, shop or withdraw cash from the ATM machine.

Of course, there are many options for withdrawing money such as a lot of ways to such as bank transfers and other pay systems, but using a Payoneer card provide several advantages. First is convenience and second, Payoneer is advertisement free.  We all know and appreciate money that is ‘silent’.

Payoneer is an attractive option because it flexible, fast, low-cost and is based in New York.  The company is secure as they are ranked in the top 100 of Inc. 5,000 Financial Services companies.

Prospective clients are required to sign up for an account.  Within minutes, you are able to receive your funds at a low cost, quickly, and on your terms.  Funds can be transferred to and from a local bank or funds can be withdrawn using a prepaid card.  The bank is called Choice Bank Limited and is located in a small Beliz country (offshore zone).

belize vacation

Choice Bank Limited will not announce about your received profit. Officials and bad guys withdraw millions to offshore accounts, therefore, why shouldn’t we enjoy the same benefits?


1. The process of ordering the card is easy (I ordered through Roboforex broker. However, when ordering through other brokers the order will be similar). Enter the broker’s cabinet and choose ‘Order Payoneer Mastercard’. Provide the necessary information and accept the conditions of the company. Some of the brokers (for example, Forex4you) may require verification – in that case, you must send a scanned copy of your ID or passport with the application.

order payoneer mastercard

2. After your application is complete, you will get an email confirming your submission. Once the application is approved, you will get a second email with an approximate date of your card’s delivery (usually approximately 2-3 weeks). You will receive an envelope in the mailbox with a plastic card and activation instructions. The card looks like this:

payoneer debit card

3. Once you receive your card, you must to Payoneer’s website and click Activate your card.  Once on the page, enter the full card number and enter your made up PIN code (do not forget it). Later on, you will get a confirmation email that the card activation is successful.

payoneer activation

4. Now you are ready to order money withdrawals from Roboforex to our new card. In addition, you can order money withdrawal with the same card from other brokers who are using Payoneer service, but you will need to register the card with that particular broker.  It is very convenient and the cost is minimal.  The card is free, but there is a one-time fee of $15.95 that can be written off when fulfilling the account. Please see the card use appraisement below:

payoneer fees

5. After you order money withdrawal from a broker, the email from Payoneer will come where you will have the following options for money transfer time and fees: 1) a simple way – money will be here in two business days, and a commission will be $2 USD, 2) a fast way – money will be there immediately, but a commission will be $5 USD.

A card usage does not differ from the use of any simple debit card.

However, there are some aspects that one must know:

  • Each time you withdraw money from a bank, you will be charged $3.25.  Therefore, it is better to do it once a month.
  • Do not check the balance in cash machine because the fee is $1 USD also be cautious –  if there is no money in the account, the cash machine can ‘swallow’ a card, so please check the balance on the Internet in Payoneer website (it’s free).
  • If you have your currency in a country, for example, euros, money (USD) from the card, your proceeds will be converted in accordance with the course of that day and additionally 3 % of the sum will be charged. However, if you are going to be abroad with the card, for example, in USA and you withdraw dollars from the ATM there – 3 % will not be charged.
  • Not all the cash machines serve Payoneer cards. Which cash machines are suitable? All on which ‘ATM accepts’ accepts the cards. One can find the whole world bank net in this Mastercard website.


This Payoneer card also will not be suitable for purchasing on the Internet.  I’m not sure why.  For example, Paypal and other pay systems in a lot of cases resist to take offshore bank cards, of course, there are exceptions. Therefore, that is the best way to use this card for everyday purchase – for food, clothing, technique, etc.

Thanks for your attention and take care.