• Hello, I opened the EUR / USD and the robot already triggered the buy and sell commands, as this picture, how it will achieve a balance?

    • Luan

      Oi, Martins, qual a sua avaliação desse EA?

      • Não gostei é muito louco. Deve funcionar para bancas de alto valor. Só tinha $ 100

        2016-08-03 19:11 GMT-03:00 Disqus :

        • Luan

          Entendi, vc está usando algum atualmente?

          • Não.

            2016-08-04 9:25 GMT-03:00 Disqus :

          • Luan

            Desistiu? hehe

  • Hello, Martins, It’s OK, robot can open an opposite orders at the same time.

  • Oliver De Guzman

    Hi! I have a XM micro account. How much minimum capital do you recommend to run the robot? And what lot size to trade do you recommend? 0.01 or 0.10 for micro account?

    • Hi, minimal deposit for each 0,01 lot are $1000. Let’s say, if you have $3000, your risk should be 0,03 lot. If your capital is less, I recommend to open a cent account (where your deposit will be visible in cents), for example, Roboforex Fix-Cent account. Then your $100 will be shown as $10.000. In XM Micro account your deposit is always visible in the actual amount, not cents.

      • Oliver De Guzman

        Hi @Michael! Thanks for replying!

        Yup that’s what I noticed with my XM micro account. It’s showing the same amount of my deposit.

        Would you recommend continuing it with a $1000 capital or should I shift to a cent account?

        How many pairs can $1000 be traded?

        Thank you for helping! Cheers!

        • For $1000 you can risk only 0.01 lot, it means 1 chart (or one pair).
          I would definitely recommend a cent account for such capital.

          • Oliver De Guzman

            Thanks Michael!

            Really appreciate your replies.

            I hope you don’t mind me asking one more time.

            I’m looking into Roboforex. Can you help me decide which Cent account to open? The Fix-Cent or Pro-Cent account?

          • Choose Fix-Cent. Pro-Cent starts with 0,1 lot.

  • Oliver De Guzman

    Hi do you use the StopLossPct option? I have some bad experience using it before.

    • Personally, I dont use this option, but you can try it (or test it).