Test: Do you have a chance to become a successful trader?

do you have a chance to becoame a successful trader

Hello, fellows Forex traders.

Just as not everyone can be an actor and a dancer, not everyone has the chance to come to success in Forex. Today I invite you to take a little test that will show whether you have the makings of a future successful financier of the foreign exchange market.

Success in Forex depends on many factors. Are you sure you are ready to become a profitable trader?

1. Why do you decide to trade on Forex?
2. Are you ready to work for free and earn rewards not often?
3. How much time a day do you plan to spend on trading?
4. Do you need millions of dollars?
5. How often do you read/study information about trading (books, articles, and lessons)?
6. Do you plan your budget or live paycheck to paycheck?
7. Somebody stepped on your foot in public transport, what is your action?
8. How long do you need to learn trading, in your opinion?
9. You see an ad about a sale in a clothing store. What is your action?
10. What will you choose: freedom or security?
11. How will you take a difficult decision?
12. Is it easy for you to withdraw from yourself?
13. Payment of your current work depends on ...?
14. You will be prompted to get $50 guaranteed today or wait until tomorrow and maybe get $100. What would you choose?
15. Do you make records in your daily lives: to-do lists, expenses, purchases, etc.?
16. What do you follow more often?