• silvalepl

    This robot is interesting for me. Thank you that you speak about it!

  • Платон

    I still never use this robot. but now i will use it. Thank you for information about it!

  • dimulko

    This robot is very interesting. I want use it in my work at Forex!

  • Endroy74

    I worked with many robots, this one is very interesting for me. Its interface is very basic, all the indicators are based on aweraging and usage of martingale strategy, and I worked with them all before. But thereb are some differences. It has really low drawdowns, maybe that is why it is called “Silent Ilan”. It is more risky but when you have experience working with such robot you will have profitable trade with no loss. However I use Roboforex and I am even surprised of how it is simple and efficient to trade with such robot. Maybe this is not the best robot based on martingale strategy, but nevertheless very useful.

  • Оксана

    Very informing and useful article. Well that so incrementally all is painted with examples, it is possible to weigh everything “after” and all “against”. I just now decided to make attempt use this ea, but because it from new a bit hesitated in a decision. I very hope that will not run into what or beginning to use problems. Anymore certainly interests whether there will not be errors during setting, as though all as usual, will try. Who does use divided, there were not problems with setting and as quickly you understood with the system to this? Far more comfortable? How with a profit? I will be very beholden for an answer and your opinion on this occasion.

  • Артур

    This robot is very cool! I must to begin work with him!

  • Oliver De Guzman
    • Hi, Oliver
      No, no need to change.

      • Oliver De Guzman

        Hi @ForexTraderPortal:disqus ! Thanks for replying.

        With regards to the Ozymandias and RSI indicator, do I need to attach them on the chart as well when I run the EA?


        • Yes, Oliver, both indicators must be attached on the chart.

          • Oliver De Guzman

            What RSI value do I use? I believe the default value I have is 14.

          • Oliver, use the set file.

          • Oliver De Guzman

            Yup saw the set file. I’ve set up the Ozymandias indicator included in the file. It’s just the RSI I’m not sure off.

          • Oliver De Guzman

            Hi @ForexTraderPortal:disqus! Yup using the set file. Just wondering because there’s a time setting for the set file, the bot only trades during those hours… I only have 1 trades a day.

            Would you recommend switching off that feature? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d94bd00a6988ab4196023b61fa296cf8f78279a6c2615c2b1428797c9dba7114.png

          • Hi Oliver,
            You can switch off the time feature, but this means that EA can opens new orders after this time (Stop Time) (but averaging orders does not count!).

          • Oliver De Guzman

            Would you recommend that option?

          • I use this time option, yes (by default).