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    Maybe some of you started thinking that using this indicator you can forget about analysis, computer will do much better than you. But believe me, this is very dangerous mistake of losing all. This indicator is not a word of God, it is simple indicator based on statistics and prognosing. Use it but be very-very quite and don’t forget to do all the analytical procedures you did before. For example, I got one simple indicator and thought that with that simple indicators I will get large profit. But there was an unexpected situation, stocks value immensely felt down and I lost lots of money looking only on this indicator.

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    Of course, it is not so essential for us to know all the mechanism, how moving averages are culculated and what is the reason why they are always used in financial market reports. I wanted to know it but I didn’t understand it, it was strange combination of numbers, I even didn’t understand where to bring one. So good trading application will help all of us to calculate running averages more accurately. I opened moving averages after I spoke to one expirienced trader on his master-class, where he showed us different situations when moving averages helped him to choose right way of trading, and in fact it is powerful tool for every analytic.

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    It’s very funny to me to hear as many beginners who came to Forex quite recently are inclined to perceive all these indicators as something supernatural. As for moving average, probably even it is clear to the fool that an essence of indicator only in cleaning of a chart from many oscillations. Probably that the Moving Average is very simple to show what trend the chart takes. To trade on high level people should understand that the easier way to get succeed is make difficult things into simple ones. The Moving Average won’t help to you if it will be just one of the hundreds complicated tools. We need to concentrate on a couple of the most useful and simple things and work that way.

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