• seniousas

    Thanks for information. I want to start working with tihs robot.

  • Тимофей

    Thank you very much for information about this robot. i want begin work with him.

  • Алена

    only after your article i want to use this forex robot. I think it will good for me!

  • Валентин

    I not know about this robot but now i want work with him. I hope it will profitable.

  • Oliver De Guzman

    Hi @Michael! I’ve been running this bot now for a week and followed all as instructed above but it never opened any trades for me…

    • Hi, Oliver
      I have the same issue. I think it’s because of the updatеd MT4.

      • Oliver De Guzman

        I can see that the EA is attached tot the chart but no orders are being made. Don’t know if there’s a way to check in the terminal..