• storiesseg

    As for me, it;s very good indicator. It help me work at Forex.

  • Endroy74

    Maybe some of you started thinking that using this indicator you can forget about analysis, computer will do much better than you. But believe me, this is very dangerous mistake of losing all. This indicator is not a word of God, it is simple indicator based on statistics and prognosing. Use it but be very-very quite and don’t forget to do all the analytical procedures you did before. For example, I got one simple indicator and thought that with that simple indicators I will get large profit. But there was an unexpected situation, stocks value immensely felt down and I lost lots of money looking only on this indicator.

  • igorek90

    Thank you for good information for me. With your help i began good work at forex.

  • fartlinn

    This indicator is very interesting thing. I hope it help me to get more money in the Forex!