• chrisdk2014


  • Vale

    Hi Michael! Looks good! Binary.com only offers MT5 as a platform… can you recommend any other BO Broker with MT4?

    • Such brokers are very few… There is an API extension with Binary.com to trade BO via MT4, soon I will describe the process here.

      • Valentin

        Cool! May I ask this: you’re stating in the beginning of the post that you’re trading/testing on 15M time frame but the Myfxbook forward test states 5M time frame… what is the reason for this discrepancy?

        • Oh, sorry, misprint – 5M trading time frame. Thanks.

          • valentin

            The lot sizes in your preset files have different amounts for different pairs.. is this intentionally? do you use the same lot for every pair or bigger amounts for the more beautiful backtest pairs? also, what do you think about curve-fitting.. maybe these set files are overoptimized curve-fitted for the past? do you think this method is robust enough to show similar results in the future?

          • I use the same risk for all pairs, Risk=0,1 (1% percent of current deposit). I can’t much say about sets, they created by EA developers, but live monitoring shows that so far they work.